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Our story began on 4th January 1930, when Giovanni Bianco, with the help of his two sons Domenico and Giuseppe, decided to sell his wines.
The new company was able to count on the family estate, the “Piusmen” farmhouse: here the vineyards enjoy a favourable environment from which the best Barbera and Moscato crus are obtained.
The beginnings were pioneering, even though customers began to get to know and appreciate us. Then, unfortunately, there arrived the Second World War.
Our parents helped us to get started again; and thus was, born FRATELLI BIANCO VINI S.N.C .
Land adjacent to the property was purchased, on which a new two-storey building was built. The ground floor is given over to all the operational procedures: vinification, fermentation, bottling; in the basement there are the cellars where wine is stored in tanks, aged in casks, in barriques and finally left to rest in the bottle.
During these years the policy of the company  took on  a very precise form: a fair and judicious ratio between quality and price is essential for the success of the product and to ensure customer satisfaction.
The late 1970s saw the beginning of the contribution offered by our generation, the fourth, and thus the company continues to be family-run, representing the success and constant growth that have characterized us for almost a century.

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